CP PLUS 2MP Full HD Smart Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera | 360° with Pan Tilt | 2Way Talk | Cloud Monitor | Motion Detect | Night Vision | Supports SD Card (Upto 128 GB), Alexa & Ok Google | CP-E21A
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Dive into the CP PLUS ezyKam+ Features:

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🔍 Unparalleled Clarity: Dive into the vividness of 2MP resolution. Witness 1080P Full HD Video, ensuring every nuance is captured with unmatched sharpness, putting pixelated visuals in the past.

🌐 Panoramic Watch: Experience total coverage with a complete 360° view. Every nook and cranny is within sight, guaranteeing you're never out of the loop, even when miles away.

🗣 Connect & Converse: Break barriers. The 'View & Talk' feature bridges distances, letting you not just watch but converse in real-time, all through your phone.

🚶 Intelligent Motion Follow: Should any unforeseen motion arise, the camera springs to action, rotating and recording, ensuring no moment slips by.

🌃 Illuminate the Night: Darkness is no challenge. With an advanced CMOS image sensor, the camera delivers vibrant visuals in low light. Shadows take on clarity, revealing every hidden detail.

🛑 Tailored Privacy: Carve out your private space. The Privacy Mode empowers you to handpick zones that remain unseen, ensuring personal moments stay personal.

🌌 Infrared Mastery: With potent IR Lights, even the darkest corners come alive. Darkness fades, replaced by clear, detailed footage.

🔊 Sync with Smart Home: Your voice holds power. Compatible with both Alexa & Google Home, the CP PLUS ezyKam+ smoothly integrates into your smart ecosystem. With just a command, shift to live view on any device.

CP PLUS ezyKam+ - Precision and innovation harmoniously blended for the modern world.